100% organic OHO Olive Oil

    OHO Olive Oil is a standardised Biologic Formulation made of different varieties of 100% organic extra virgin olive oils to enhance their particular characteristics and benefits.

    Sourced from pesticide-free crops, oils are obtained from the first pressing, and are cold extracted only by mechanical processes. OHO Olive Oil is a 100% natural and organic product produced annually after the new harvest to guarantee maximum quality, as well as constant and balanced levels of the following components:

    • Fatty acids (> 96%): Omega 9, 7, 6 and 3
    • Vitamins: Vitamin E and beta-carotene
    • Antioxidant substances: Vitamin E and polyphenols
    • Anti-inflammatory substances: Oleocanthal

    Botella 500ml / RS 160003533J

    • Vegan friendly
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